Gamin 0.1.0

Gamin 0.1.0 was released on Thursday. It’s very similar to the testing snapshot that I produced, but has a couple more fixes on top of that, so its worth upgrading.

inotify 0.23-6 or newer is required. A Gentoo ebuild is available in Gentoo Bug 92573. If you install it, please use the debug use flag, otherwise you’ll be useless when it comes to bug-fixing (see here for debugging procedures).I don’t think it will be included in portage yet, as we don’t currently have any kernels which provide the required inotify version. If you are a gentoo-sources-2.6.11 user, you can find instructions on how to update your inotify version in this post.

A quick check indicates that I can still reproduce the problems I described in GNOME Bug 171201. However, I’m now wondering if some of the problems are GNOME’s fault rather than gamin. This also ties into what some people have said, where the desktop updating breaks easily but nautilus file-browsing works all the time. It appears that the desktop is periodically polling gamin for updates, whereas file-browsing just waits for an event to be signalled. I’m going to investigate this, so if anyone has any idea where the Desktop polling code actually lives, please let me know. I figure that its in nautilus somewhere.

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  1. steev Says:

    Actually, mm-sources provides the inotify needed. Also, if someone really wanted to – I have a gentoo-sources ebuild up on my website – it has the patches for as well as the old inotify removed – and the new one in – I followed your naming scheme, so became 1008 i believe it was, and I put the inotify in as 4801, as the old inotify was 4800 – I removed 4800 though from the extra’s tarball, as I got lazy and didn’t feel like putting in a useflag for which version of inotify to use. The ebuild and the 2 patchset files are on my website under – I am using the new gamin and so far no problems here – but I do believe you are right in the problem being in Nautilus – I draw my conclusion based on if you have a folder on your desktop, and under File Management preferences, you change the first item in Display from None to Size – it will show you how many items are in there – if you add a file to there from a console, the number of items in there doesn’t change until you open the folder. I was going to file a bug upstream, but 1) i wasn’t sure how to word it and 2) searching for bugs in gnome’s bugzilla is a pita on dialup.

  2. Giacomo Says:

    “However, I’m now wondering if some of the problems are GNOME’s fault rather than gamin.”

    did you check if you can trigger the same problems with fam?

  3. dsd Says:

    My problems exist when files change at high frequency. FAM detects changes by periodic polling at a fixed rate and therefore wouldnt care how fast the changes are actually happening, it only sees things at its own rate.

    There are definately internal gamin problems too, see the “inotify cant find wd” logs I posted on the bugs. But I have a feeling that some of the quirks we are seeing are nautilus-related.

  4. scristian Says:

    the bug that make gam_server to use 100% of cpu is fixed ?

  5. lotso Says:

    I finally checked out the new ebuilds along with some additional stuffs sfrom Project Gentopia’s overlay.

    I found that gnome-volume-manager really needs to have gnome-vfs-2.10 to work properly. Otherwise it’ll be more like wrangling with What happend? I plugged it in, its mounted but where’s the mountpoint?? it doesn’t show up in computer:/// or on the desktop.

    And if you’re still on Gnome-2.8 and you emerged only gnome-vfs-2.10, be prepared to lose your Gnome-panel menus. I was finally able to track it down to a missing file in /usr/lib/gnome-vfs/2.0/modules (after I took the old file from gnome-vfs-2.8 and plug it in there, it worked again.) Now since this isn’t the proper solution, I went to look for what was actually the issue.

    Turns out that in gnome-2.10, they split the builds into gnome-menu, in which the layout adheres to the freedesktop specs. And thus, when you finally emerged gnome-panel (and the rest will come as dependencies) then it all comes together.

    Right now, it works. But as usual, this is highly bleeding edge of sorts.

    Play with it only if you feel brave.

  6. dsd’s weblog » Blog Archive » inotify bugfix for Gamin 0.1.0 Says:

    [...] ixed or not. Updated Gentoo ebuilds are available in Gentoo bug 92573. Make sure you read this post if you haven’t been following the situation previously. [...]

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