inotify bugfix for Gamin 0.1.0

John McCutchan posted a bugfix for the inotify backend of gamin in GNOME Bug 171201. This seems to be behaving better now, but I haven’t been testing long enough to say whether the issues that I discovered really have been fixed or not.

Updated Gentoo ebuilds are available in Gentoo bug 92573. Make sure you read this post if you haven’t been following the situation previously.

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  1. Giacomo Says:

    I applied that patch this afternoon, and it seems to have fixed the problems I was experiencing, but of course, I’ve discovered one of them after almost 10 days, so I prefer to be careful.
    Also, I’ve added another patch with the other two significant changes in gamin cvs (I excluded a kqueues/BSD fix and a Changelog fix), I’m going to attach the patch to bug 92573.

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