Beagle/Best tweaks

Here’s a couple of beagle changes I’ve been working on.

The first adds functionality to index KDE application launchers, and show their icons in Best. The icons fit in quite well, so some eye-candy is required:
Best + KDE, sitting in a tree,...

Thanks to Diego Pettenò (Flameeyes from Gentoo) for help with locating KDE stuff on disk. The icons don’t seem scaled perfectly, I’ll look into this soon. Also, Best just uses icons from kde’s default theme. If anybody knows how to extract the name of the users chosen icon theme, please let me know.

Next up, I’ve added some tooltips to the Best search results so that more information can be shown. You can’t see the mouse cursor in the example below (import didnt capture it), but it’s quite obvious where it should be.
Tooltip info

The tooltips look a bit naff as they are missing the black border you normally get. This is due to Mozilla bug 238052 – fixed in future versions.

In addition to the tooltip above, you can hover over the icon to reveal the mime-type, and you can hover over the “beagle-testing” folder name to see the absolute path of that folder. Other tiles have been modified in different ways, for example, the Blog tile gives you a tooltip showing you the URL you would get to if you clicked on it.

5 Responses to “Beagle/Best tweaks”

  1. Serge Says:

    Hello dsd!

    are these patches available and to which version of beagle to they apply.

    tnx and regards,

  2. dsd Says:

    They apply against beagle CVS as of yesterday, might work with earlier versions too.

  3. joe shaw Says:

    [...] been doing great stuff. Robert continues his excellent work on inotify. Daniel Drake has been a machine, cleaning up the launcher backend, adding KDE launchers, and [...]

  4. Raghu GS Says:


    your work on make beagle more compatible with kde is marvelous,
    i have few wishes,

    1 > add a patch to open filesystem folder links via konqueror if Nautilus not available.
    2 > Please enhance beagle to recognize KDE mime types.
    3 > Please add KMail support to Mail backend of beagle. (this may be a big wish)

  5. D Bera Says:

    Raghu: Till someones find an elegant way to do it in a ganaric way, you can use “kfmclient exec file_or_directory_name” to open every hit in KDE. This will honour KDE mime-types and use konqueror. You need to change Tile.cs for that. For the changes that worked for me, find it at

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