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Ok, so a number of people told me about their gamin problems. Some of these, particularly referencing glitches when unplugging USB, seem to be kernel related instead. For now, please use the icon to unmount the USB disk before you unplug. By the way, I run Linux 2.6.12-rc4 and do not experience any glitches even when unplugging during a file transfer. You might want to try it as perhaps “live-unplugging” is safer there.

In a comment, I also mentioned a HAL problem I have: My USB disk only mounts the first time I plugged it in. This is unrelated to gamin, but the Gentopia guys were quick to diagnose it as a HAL 0.4 problem which is solved in HAL 0.5 (present in their overlay). So, if you are experiencing no icon appearing for your USB drive, check with “mount” that it has been mounted. If it hasn’t been mounted, you have the same issue that I do, which is unrelated to gamin.

As for success with the snapshot, well a few people have said it’s been fine, and a few have pointed me to GNOME Bug 171201 where there are some issues described, amongst a lot of confusion of which inotify version to use with which day of gamin CVS. Anyway, I was unfortunate enough to reproduce the issue mentioned there – namely that my desktop and computer:// stopped automatically updating – after restarting the session about 12 times.

You’ll read on the GNOME bug that gamin debug logs are required to diagnose this sort of thing. So, if you were like me and merged the snapshot ebuild without the +debug USE flag, then please merge it again now with the flag set. Then kill gam_server and restart your session.

To debug gamin, you just send it the USR2 signal then it logs to a file at /tmp/gamin_debug_xxxxxxx (it will only do this if you built with USE=”debug”):

# kill -USR2 $(pidof gam_server)

I’m going to be enabling the debug log (as above) when I start each session from this point onwards, but the GNOME bug suggests it may be sufficient to only enable logging once you spot the breakage.

So, please (re)build with the debug flag, and keep an eye out for any breakage. Thanks for the great response so far.

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  1. Tomasz Torcz Says:

    HAL 0.5? It requires D-BUS 0.3x, while Beagle won’t work with DBUS > 0.23. So no-no.
    Regarding inotify, rml made something ABI-breaking two days ago (it was announced on dashboard-hackers). That may caused problems for gamin.

  2. dsd Says:

    I fixed gamin for the new inotify and recommended that my testers use it, this was kind of the whole point…

    Beagle no longer requires DBUS in a CVS branch.

  3. Tomasz Torcz Says:

    I was confused about your inotify, sorry.
    Anyway, new HAL is still unacceptable, as no gnome-vfs (including latst 2.10.1) supports it.

  4. dsd Says:

    Thats kind of the point of Gentopia. Have you looked in the overlay? All the software there is patched for HAL 0.5

  5. Tomasz Torcz Says:

    With all respect, I personally won’t stand using distribution shipping patched programs. Vanilla gnome versions do not support HAL 0.5.x and vanilla versions are only what I (and many other people) care.

  6. steev Says:

    I believe the point of dsd’s posts are to get people who ARE willing to test these things so that people DO test them. Patches go upstream when applicable, as well as stay within gentoo (when upstream refuses to apply even if it does fix) – and off topic – but along the lines of your last comment – I don’t believe there is a distrobution out there that DOESN’T patch anything.

  7. dsd Says:

    I’m figuring that Tomasz is a non-Gentoo reader (my weblog gets published at other places too). This whole gamin thing is largely gentoo-oriented as there is no working gamin release in Gentoo, but CVS is closer. Gentopia is also Gentoo-oriented at the moment, to help with the very awkward changeover from HAL 0.4 to 0.5 and dbus 0.2 to 0.3.

    However, all the patches will go upstream. Take the two gamin patches I wrote to produce a gamin snapshot which works against inotify 0.23-7 – they have already been applied in CVS.

  8. lotso Says:

    Well, regardless of whatever distro one uses, the final objective of Project Gentopia,to me is to extend Project Utopia’s Functionality into Gentoo. I believe that gamin is the next in line for famd replacement.

    As for Tomasz’s statement, I believe that all these testings are to pave way for the next vanilla release. Just like the kernel’s -mm releases which are a testbed for all the “May” be integrated into the vanilla kernel.

  9. Tomasz Torcz Says:

    I’ve come by or…
    As for other distros, Slackware doesn’t patch stuff. And yes, I’m a Slackware user.

  10. Giacomo Says:

    well, gentoo patches stuff, and to start using hal 0.5 and dbus 0.3 patches are needed
    sometimes these patches go upstream, sometime they’re backports to fix bugs, always they are there for a reason

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  12. Unison Says:

    I just don’t have much to say right now. Pretty much nothing seems worth doing. My mind is like an empty room. I haven’t gotten anything done these days. What can I say?

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