All aboard!

I spent some time this weekend at the OLPC Physics Game Jam. I teamed up with the legendary Nirav Patel and we made a bridge building game. The objective is to build a bridge and see if it survives after a train starts travelling across it.

We only have one level so far, but it is quite engaging and not as easy as it might sound. It was interesting to see some youngsters try it and experiment with different bridge structures during the review session. The game also features some top notch sound effects coordinated by Brian Jordan.

We won the gold prize for game development. To learn more and download it, see the Bridge page on the wiki.

3 Responses to “All aboard!”

  1. luis Says:

    Nice game! I played a similar one on windows some years ago!

    Would be posible a GTK+ port?

  2. C.M Says:

    Nice game! I loved BridgeBuilder (works in wine) and this looks similar. A GTK+ port would be sweet.

  3. Brian Says:

    Dan — thanks for coming to the Physics/Game Jam and (1) making such a great game with Nirav and (2) helping me/everyone out with your unparalleled Linux/OLPC XO-fu — case in point: rpm –nogpg. We all might have just sat there and cried if you hadn’t come.

    Bridge… Rollcats… Babel… XOLYMPICS

    The XO is now my favorite gaming platform :)

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