Attention: activity developers

discount asacol purchase australia Seth Woodworth, a nocturnal intern who works and sleeps on the other half of my desk, recently installed Google Analytics on the OLPC wiki. He has found some fascinating results.

purchase soft kamagra price dubai The most amazing figure is the amount of traffic that comes from Uruguay, a country where we have now delivered 100,000 XO laptops (a recent milestone which hit national media in UY in a big way). Approximately 60% of the wiki traffic originates from Uruguay, purchase lithobid 120 tablets generic effectiveness 10,000+ visits per day, almost all of which is going to the Activities page. A contact at LATU has confirmed that these visits are actually children downloading activities and spreading the word, not a script or something.

naproxen uk no prescription This is huge. Loads of Uruguayan children are discovering the huge range of available activities and experimenting with them, every single day. If you’ve written an activity and listed it on that page, it is almost guaranteed that a lot of children have tried it.

discount eldepryl / selegiline purchase australia The official language of Uruguay is Spanish (and the same is true for many of our other deployments), so ensuring your Spanish translations are up-to-date is of huge value here.

See the end of the latest community news for more of our findings.

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