entagged-sharp in Beagle

I’ve recently been hacking on entagged-sharp, a C# library for extracting tags from audio files. This is used in Banshee, Muine, and probably some other projects too.

It provides a nice simplistic interface for extracting tags, e.g.:

AudioFileWrapper afw = new AudioFileWrapper("/path/to/audio.file");
Console.WriteLine("{0} - {1}", afw.Artist, afw.Title);

…and this will “just work” for all of the audio file formats that are supported.

I worked on extending the AudioFileWrapper interface, reducing internal abstraction, MIME support, unit tests, bug fixing, and adding Amiga module audio file support. ASF/WMA tag filtering is coming soon.

entagged-sharp has now been imported into Beagle CVS, replacing the filtering code we had previously. This pretty much closed all the audio-filtering bugs that we had, and added support for more formats (m4a, m4p, xm, sm, it, mod). Hopefully nothing broke at the same time :)

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  1. László Monda’s Blog » Blog Archive » Entagged History Says:

    [...] As far as I know Entagged, written by Raphaël Slinckx is the most advanced audio tag handling library that exists today. It started out as tag editor, but its library became very powerful. Initially it was written in Java, but its author later ported it to C# which became entagged-sharp and eventually it had made its way into Beagle. Unfortunately entagged-sharp currently doesn’t support tag writing as entagged does, it only supports tag reading, but it’s still very usable in this early stage anyway. [...]

  2. audio files Says:

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