Alauda driver now reads all XD

Quick update on the Alauda driver status:

Figured out the rest of the block addressing, so it can now support more card sizes. It also should detect the media size automatically and work “out of the box”, at least it does with the two XD cards I have here.

XD media reading is now pretty much complete, except for a few performance improvements which will be made at a later date. Next up I’ll be getting my hands on some SmartMedia and implementing read support for that.

Code is available from SourceForge CVS.

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  1. Larry Williams Says:

    I currently have an Olympus C-2100 UZ with Smart Media card. I think I just screwed up my USB connection by accidently installing AA batteries, reversed polarity. After I reinstalled them correctly, camera works fine and photos can be viewed in monitor window. The problem is, gphoto2 now doesn’t recognize USB connection any longer so I can’t download from camera any longer. So I thought I might try a card reader. What does that have to do with this driver? I recently got real excited about the new Olympus digital SLR EVOLT E-500. Check it out at and will probably need this driver to support it. Oh and BTW, it will also solve my C-2100 UZ problem. Where can this reader be purchased and approx how much does it cost? Thanks for the info.

  2. dsd Says:

    I doubt this driver will support any new devices. The E-500 is probably mass storage or otherwise compatible with gphoto2. If you want an alauda you can buy them from ebay. They are the first generation of XD card readers so they are not manufactured anymore.

  3. Bradley Shickel Says:

    I have Olympus MAUSB 10 with latest OSX driver, however when connected to new iMac with Leopard System 10.5.2 it will not be recognized and mounted to desktop. Help. Seems it needs new Alauda Mass Storage driver for Mac Leopard System?

    Note: MAUSB 10 worked OK with Tiger System 10.4.10

  4. Eduardo Gross Says:

    The following link says dpc-r1 card reader only read 1 gb cards if one upgrades the windows driver:
    I cannot acces my card with the driver released with kernel (debian); I have also tried (debian), (debian), 2.6.21 (slackware) and (suse64). Is the linux kernel driver capable to be used to read 1 gb cards with the dpc-r1 reader? Is any new version of the driver capable?

  5. Eduardo Gross Says:

    Today I downloaded kernel and compiled it, in order to test its driver for dpc-r1. It is allways the same: the driver recognizes the reader, but as I put the 1 gb card in it, it cannot read that card. In the message appears as if the card were 2 gb (!). Something similar happened in win xp before I installed the driver I mentioned in my previous post (windows tryed to format the media).

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