Linux 2.6.13

2.6.13 is here and will soon be in Portage (as testing) for Gentoo users. One thing that will almost certainly cause disruption is that devfs has finally been removed from the kernel, so you pretty much must use udev. If you don’t have udev installed, it will be installed as a dependency of the 2.6.13 kernels, so hopefully the problems should be minimized and udev will just work when you reboot.

Some more of the notable changes I’ve been following since 2.6.12:

  • inotify is now included, which is a mechanism where the kernel tells user-space when a file or directory changes. Very useful for those situations where applications need to watch for a file or directory change, which is common.
  • kexec – optional fast reboots which don’t need to fully reboot and go through all the BIOS initialization again, another kernel is booted directly from the old one.
  • skge is now included, a driver for SysKonnect Yukon network adapters which actually works (a driver for Yukon-II adapters, sky2, will hopefully be included in 2.6.14)
  • it8212 is finally included, a driver for a popular IDE RAID adapter found on many motherboards
  • HZ (frequency of timer interrupt) now defaults to 250 (ticks per second) and is configurable, which might increase battery life on laptops, but this change is still under debate
  • Lots of bug fixes, new hardware support, more drivers, and other stuff which I have missed

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  1. rongten Says:

    Wasn’t already it8212 in 2.6.12?

  2. lotso Says:

    Kexec sounds nice. But wil this be a good way to get the kernel to re-poll the HD / ide to determine if a new HD has been popped in? I’m asking this more towards support for laptop’s modular bay Hard Drives. Unlike IBM, the rest of the laptops, don’t (I think) have this feature where you can hot-un-plug the drive.

  3. dsd Says:

    it8212 (and skge and inotify) were included in gentoo-sources-2.6.12 kernels but were not included in the official upstream ones. However all 3 are now included in Linus’ 2.6.13 release making Gentoo’s patchset significantly smaller (once again).

    Kexec is nothing to do with IDE hotplugging so it won’t help there.

  4. /usr/portage Says:

    Kernel dot-thirteen out now!

    A small announcement…

  5. Peter’s Blog » Blog Archive » Linux 2.6.13 Says:

    [...] Version 2.6.13 of the Linux kernel has been released. you can download it from your favorite mirror. This release includes some really nifty things: At long last, that horrible godforsaken kludge known as devfs has finally been removed from the kernel proper. It includes inotify. This is a really nice piece of work. It’s a replacement for the dnotify that was part of the kernel for a long time, and allows for better control of file and directory change monitoring. Gentoo’s kernel patchset had this in there for a long time. It also includes kexec, which allows you to load a new kernel image and makes it replace your running kernel. This seems like it could be very cool. It supposedly includes an updated Orinoco driver series which support scanning and monitor mode support for older Prism and Lucent/Agere-based cards. This means things like NetworkManager should work just fine now. This essentially means you have the same click-the-icon-and-select-your-network functionality which operating systems such as Microsoft’s Windows provides for the user. If this isn’t fantastic enough already, it also has an updated PCMCIA driver core which is hopefully greatly improved, with standard hotplug events for insertion/removal of cards, etc., as well as cleaner driver code for the various maintainers of the kernel. This means though, that an entire new userspace utility set is needed, according to Dave J. Some other cool drivers are included too. Hopefully, we’ll see this in Rawhide soon, and even better in updates-released. Some other cool drivers are included too. …and I didn’t even realize this, but Happy Birthday, Daniel Drake! [...]

  6. Peter Says:

    This is cool. :) Thanks, dsd.

  7. Peter Says:

    Oh crud. It sent my entire blog post as a reply? Huh?! Sorry about that! :O

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