One Laptop per Child UK

I spent the weekend in Brussels with representatives from OLPC Austria, OLPC Deutschland, OLPC France and others. We were joined by OLPC Europe and an American imposter who goes by ‘SJ.’

We spent the weekend figuring out the fine details for Give One Get One and making some future plans. One sticking point was the lack of existence of an OLPC community in the UK.

Given travel plans, I’m not a good candidate to get anything formal set up. However, I will happily give advice to people who are prepared to do so (regardless of where I am), so I have taken steps which will hopefully promote growth of a community: Firstly, I have updated the OLPC UK page on the wiki, and will keep it updated as our media efforts for G1G1-UK become public. Secondly, SJ set up an OLPC UK mailing list for us.

Let’s get things moving! Please sign up and introduce yourself on the mailing list if you are interested.

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  1. Wayan @ OLPC News Says:

    I’d be honored to publish an OLPC UK organizing Guest Post . Others have found that a Guest Post on OLPC News can jump start a community by broadcasting its existence and giving potential participants motivation to join and contribute.

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