OLPC’s Learning Lab

The learning lab is one of the aspects of One Laptop per Child which you don’t hear much about. It took me a couple of weeks at the office before I stumbled across their lab space in the corner of our office.

The learning lab is staffed by some key people, including David Cavallo from the MIT Media Lab and Cynthia Solomon, one of the original founders of Logo. These people have years of experience working alongside top scientists such as Marvin Minsky and Seymour Papert.

Last week, David Cavallo gave an enjoyable presentation about the education model behind the efforts of learning group. He shared some experiences from around the world and started a discussion on how to better integrate such ideals into the XO laptop and its software. The session has been published on dailymotion – if you’ve got an hour to kill, I’d definitely recommend watching it.

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