Hunting for a DOS game: Europe map quiz

I remember playing a DOS game on my 386 computer, probably when I was about 10 years old. The game presented an unlabeled map of Europe on-screen, then proceeded to ask me to click on Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and all the other countries in a different order each time you played the game.

The game kept track of my high scores in terms of both the number of countries I got right/wrong, and also the time it took me to identify them all. I played this repeatedly, trying to beat my own records. I learned a lot about European geography this way, and it was fun. It’s similar to this online game except the game I’m thinking of had metrics to keep track of your performance and highlighted the right answer whenever you clicked on the wrong country.

This is a great example of hard fun, one of the principles of educational constructionism behind the OLPC project. As such, I’m considering writing a clone of the game for the XO laptop.

I’d love to dig out the old DOS game again, but I can’t remember what it was called! Does anyone else know of its name, or have any recollection of this game?

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  1. Tsiolkovsky Says:

    KGeography from KDE Education project comes close to this. Maybe you could contact the authors of KGeography so they could add these features in next versions.

  2. loki Says:

    You might be interested in this activity project. As far as I know they are open for any help.

  3. Anders Ossowicki Says:

    I know this game, I have it on a floppy somewhere.
    I’ll look into it once I get the rest of my stuff unpacked from moving.
    And yes, it was an extremely cool game

  4. lavi Says:

    look here,–freeware-wjjdzfad.html, maybe it’s this what you were talking about?

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