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In light of the recent GLEP discussion, I see my Planet Gentoo GLEP being used as an example.

My opinion is that Planet Gentoo should never have been a GLEP. We’d discussed the idea in detail on the developers mailing list. There were no arguments against it, and even those that admitted they weren’t the blogging type were able to see that at least aggregating existing developer weblogs would be a good thing.

I became involved, when at the Gentoo UK 2004 meetup, I was chatting to Stuart and a couple of others about it – I recognised the interest. It was obvious that we had demand from users. We had demand from developers. There were no concerns raised in the discussion. The concept was obviously working well for other open-source projects. And setting up a Planet wasn’t exactly going to change much in the way Gentoo works. Its not like having to use repoman instead of CVS commit or anything like that, its totally independant. But we were told we had to “GLEP it” for it to have any chance of happening.

The only major criticism that came up through the GLEP discussion is that the Planet might be seen to be harming our image if there wasn’t enough activity there and it was just left to rot. With 50+ developers on the roll and 10+ emails in my Inbox from developers who want blog’s setting up, its fairly obvious that this is nothing to be concerned about.

As for my views on the GLEP process, after having to go through it, I’d say it was a fairly easy process. Maybe thats just because nobody properly opposed it. I see the timeframe of 4 months being quoted. It would have been much quicker, but with me starting university, getting more involved in other things, I was low on time. Also, the activity of Kurt Lieber, the infrastructure contact who was in charge, was decreasing and this made it harder. Once Lance Albertson took over, and we went over some of the finer details, we had it set up within a couple of weeks. Infact, it only took me part of one evening to get Planet and B2evo (developer log hosting) set up.

On the other hand, the extra time it took might have been a good thing. During that time, the Gentoo Experimental guys demonstrated that the developer demand and interest in this had grown much more. We can now launch the Planet with more than twice the amount of contributors I was expecting when I wrote the GLEP, and thats great.

Announcement coming later today :)

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