Announcing Planet Gentoo

buying benemid 500 mg cost capsules I’m pleased to announce the launch of Planet Gentoo, a resource intended to improve communication between the user and development communities, plus enhance communication internally between developers.

discount pharmacy fulvicin cheap generic uk Contributing developers write articles to their weblogs, which will then automatically be published on Planet Gentoo, providing a good overview of what is being developed and where things are going. At time of launch, we have over 50 contributing developers, a number which will grow further as more and more developers see the light :)

mestinon - pyridostigmine generic next day shipping Planet Gentoo started life as an Enhancement Proposal: GLEP 30. After some inactivity, we’ve finally got it launched, and its looking great.

ordering super hard on generic work I’d like to say a quick word of thanks to the following people, who helped out in some way or other: Stuart Herbert, Alexander Plank, Kurt Lieber, Lance Albertson, Karl TK, and anyone I forgot. Also, thanks – the developer feedback from the last day has been great, I’m very pleased with the response so far and that we’re able to launch this with such a big proportion of our active developer base involved. For those developers who are missing out, just email me and I’ll get you involved. If you don’t have a weblog, thats not a problem, we can provide you with one.

purchase prograf 5mg cost capsules I’ll be talking some more about this tomorrow at the Gentoo UK 2005 Conference here in Manchester. It’s now free admission, so if you live nearby, just turn up at the door!

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