OLPC weekly update 03/06

My work this week:

  • Wrapped up metacity work to allow sugar to correctly implement its Alt-Tab handler
  • Minor updates/fixes to our previous Sugar activity updater for inclusion in 11.2.0 builds
  • Worked around a long-term MediaWiki-squid bug that was interfering with our activity group hosting on the OLPC wiki.
  • Implemented and tested ubifs image signing in olpc-os-builder in preparation for 11.2.0 release
  • Fixed a couple of new bugs with olpc-update versions management (#10929, #10942), hopefully without introducing more bugs!
  • Fixed a new libertas wifi reset issue introduced by the rfkill fix last week
  • Worked around a strange libertas_sdio wifi hardware issue highlighted by a new MMC interrupt handling optimization in the upstream kernel
  • Started investigating a low-level Python crash sometimes triggered by Sugar usage
  • 11.2.0 releases 21/22 and testing

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