OLPC weekly update 29/04

I’m going to start posting brief weekly updates here to communicate what I’m working on as part of my work with OLPC. To begin, here’s last week and the short easter week that came beforehand:

  • An omission in fakeroot was preventing olpc-update from working (server-side) with 11.2.0. I spent some time working on this before realising this fakeroot limitation is well-documented and well argued in the man page, so I eventually resorted to applying a simple workaround in the build process. I identified a better solution that could be applied in future.
  • Started olpc-update testing with the workaround applied – so far so good
  • Tested Jon’s hardware cursor patch for XO-1.5, found some issues so it is not enabled in the builds yet.
  • Noticed that Andi Kleen has picked up 2.6.35 maintenance, merged his work into our kernel tree and did some brief testing
  • Still working on our libertas resume crash bug, key aspect seems to be that the kernel identifies a transmit timeout (rightly or wrongly) during early resume.
  • Looked at Gonzalo’s initial work to port record to the new Sugar toolbar model – found some issues.
  • Finished preparing 11 kernel patches to implement OLPC power management to send upstream next week
  • Some bug triaging and preparing of 11.2.0 build 17.