OLPC UK Pilot planning underway

how to buy alesse australia online generic A while ago, I created an OLPC UK page on the OLPC wiki, and a mailing list alongside it with the hope of linking together the various people who were interested in organising various kinds of UK-based One Laptop per Child activities.

purchase lopressor no script These small efforts have proven fruitful; a number of people from various backgrounds have teamed up and are organising a pilot programme for deploying a small number of XO laptops in a UK school.

celexa 20 mg generic where to order I’m back in the UK for a little while and am excited to get involved where I can.

buy cheap asthma ventolin generic version Their next meeting is June 17th in central London. I will be giving a presentation about my experiences with OLPC to date. More details here (RSVP requested). I hope to see you there!

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2 Responses to “OLPC UK Pilot planning underway”

  1. Wayan Says:

    You are in UK? I would have expected you to be deeply involved with OLPCorps – you’re more XO deployment experienced that all 30 groups combined!

  2. GuySoft Says:

    Hey Dan,
    It would be interesting to compare the deployment in a place where there are already many computers around.
    In our OLPC tiny pilot in Israel we had a lot of difficulty because the OLPC were quite different to the computers that were already around the children (also they were not used as books like in other projects). Any small exposure to non-OLPC computers made the learning curve very different.

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