OLPC Paraguay report & more

online order finpecia hair loss cost uk I wrote up a summary of my experience in Paraguay, you can read it on the OLPC wiki.

how to buy bactrim 90 capsules in australia Last week, I gave a presentation about OLPC in the field at an OLPC UK meeting. It went well and it was nice to meet everyone for the first time. They are planning an exciting pilot deployment in a London school. I’ll leave them to announce the details as things progress.

synthroid generic alternative The development of the XO-1.5 software release is progressing nicely. We have automated builds that work reasonably well.

buying kamagra super 12 tablets without recipe And now would also be a good time to mention my upcoming plans; on July 18th I will be flying out to Nepal to spend 12 weeks as a volunteer for Open Learning Exchange Nepal, the organisation implementing One Laptop per Child in that country. Exciting!

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