OLPCorps & Jamii OLPC

OLPCorps is a new student program being run by OLPC this summer. Groups of students team up to design, implement and manage deployments of 100 laptops in African countries.

I’m applying for the program through the Jamii OLPC team. Assuming our proposal is accepted, we’ll be working at a remote school in Tanzania. I’m looking forward to applying my experience on other OLPC deployments to this challenging project where our small team literally has to do everything from the ground up.

We’re looking for a pedagogial lead to head up our project on the learning and school-integration side of things. Are you interested, or do you know anyone that would be?

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  1. Roger Says:

    Hey. Right next door or just south of Kenya. And, Kenya is just south of Somalia!

    Let me think about it and get back with you on this one.

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