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buy trimox 60 pills en santiago I’ve arrived and settled in Paraguay, to help on the OLPC implementation. The team here have established some great media contacts. Here’s the front page of today’s biggest countrywide newspaper:

Diario ABC, 07/02/2009

order glucovance 90 pills ontario canada Full article. The headline: “CaacupĂ©, the first digital city”.

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  1. Peter Says:

    discount pharmacy xalatan 0.005% 2 You could have least translated the headline :-P

  2. Daniel Drake Says:

    buen idea

  3. dsd’s weblog » Blog Archive » OLPC Paraguay: an overdue introduction Says:

    [...] in all 10 schools. The organization also has great links with media, frequently appearing on the front page of national newspapers, and on national [...]

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