libfprint v0.0.6 and other new devices

Although I’m not really working on the “old” code any more, I released libfprint v0.0.6 today. It fixes compatibility with newer DigitalPersona scanners including the ones in Covadis products (who kindly donated hardware to allow for this development). It also adds Gustavo Chain’s driver for the SecuGen Hamster III.

Gavin Smalley donated a Veridicom 5thSense scanner, which I reverse engineered and produced a driver for. This driver is only available from the highly volatile libfprint development repository. It works well.

System76 generously donated a laptop with one of the dreaded 147e:2016 UPEK scanners so that I can work on getting it supported in fprint. It’s too early to discuss driver practicalities, but I have almost figured out the image format.

The laptop also includes an integrated Genesys Logic GL860 USB webcam (05e3:0503), not standards compliant and not usable under Linux. I’ll probably also be working on a driver for this device. Again, I have already almost determined the image format, but have not looked at the rest of the traffic.

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  1. Patrick Says:

    Have the same webcam in my laptop and I think there are many more.

    It would be absolutely great if you even tried writing a driver for it!

    Go for it!


  2. Maarten Leeuwis Says:


    We have a small webshop in the Netherlands. We are selling Ubuntu computers and Notebooks.
    In one of out Notebooks there is a Genesys Logic USB webcam (05e3:0503) and it isn’t working.
    Therefore we are very interested in your driver for this webcam.



  3. DrTune Says:

    Hey this is great work, I’m looking to get a 5th Sense USB scanner (available on ebay for ~$17) working with OpenWRT on a router (e.g. WL-500g has usb 1.1, $50 on ebay from china) for a door-opener. I’ll post back if I/when I have time to hack on it. Splendid work btw, good luck in Boston. I moved from UK to San Francisco in 2000 and it’s fucking awesome ;-)

  4. dsd’s weblog » Blog Archive » GL860 driver progress Says:

    [...] dsd’s weblog they got a skin and they put me in « libfprint v0.0.6 and other new devices [...]

  5. Marcela Tiznado Says:

    Amazing you started the research on 147e:2016 UPEK scanners, Im also trying to work on that….
    How can we work together on this? I would love to help you!
    Thanks in advance, and I hope I hear from you soon…

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