Hardware protocol analyzers

After learning of my involvement with USB drivers through a recent interview in a Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, Elias P has donated me a couple of hardware protocol analyzers:

The USB one should be useful with my current and future USB driver projects, and will be a useful tool to learn more about USB on the physical/electrical level. In addition, the vendor do provide Linux drivers but they are closed source, so I will soon be attempting to reverse engineer the protocol analyzer (oh the irony) in order to provide open drivers.

I don’t currently have a use for the I2C/SPI analyzer, so if you know of any open source developers who would find this useful in their projects, please send them this way. I’m happy to send this device on, provided that I can see that it will be used to aid open source development.

UPDATE: I2C/SPI analyzer was donated to David Brownell for Linux kernel SPI development.

Thanks Elias!

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  1. Elias P. Says:

    Nice to hear, they arrived… hope they will be helpful and we’ll see a lot new reverse engineered drivers soon ;-)

    Elias P.

  2. vivo Says:

    Thankyou Elias

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