ZD1211 driver news

Despite not mentioning it here for a while, Ulrich Kunitz and myself have been driving forward with our ZD1211 USB-WLAN driver rewrite.

For a start, the driver is included in the recently released Linux 2.6.18 kernel, which has resulted in a drastic increase in the number of users. If you’re looking for a handy way to add wireless connectivity to a computer now and then, these devices are ideal: cheap, small, reliable, in-kernel driver, redistributable firmware.

A more functional driver can be found in the 2.6.19-rc development tree. New features include:

  • LED support – the light goes blinky blink during network usage.
  • Support for devices based on the AL7230B RF (i.e. ZD1211-based devices which support 802.11a). We don’t support 802.11a connectivity just yet, but you can now use these devices to connect to b/g networks.
  • Out-of-the-box support for driverless devices (not even the vendor driver supports this!).
  • More accurate signal strength/quality statistics.
  • Many more device ID’s added thanks to people testing the driver with their hardware.

Coming for 2.6.20: ERP handling (to play nicer when 802.11b clients are in sight), hardware decryption, and more! Many thanks to ZyDAtheros for their continued support.

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  1. Adam Says:

    In 2.6.19-rc development tree, in zd_usb.c I can’t find USB_DEVICE(0×0586, 0×3409). Is any problems with this device? (Zyxel ZyAIR AG-225H)


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