Moving soon!

Finally, I hold, within the grasp of my hands, a one-year US visa. It only took several months of paperwork and a 5 hour wait on the pavement outside the US embassy for a 30-second interview to get to this point.

I’m flying out on Tuesday, which is veeery soon. I’ll be living in Lexington, MA (just outside Boston).

It’s my 20th birthday on 25th August (next friday). As I won’t really know many people at that point, I’m hoping to get a few members of Gentoo’s boston conspiracy together for a meal or something, suggestions appreciated. Hopefully the worst of the jet lag will have worn off at that point.

Also hosting a joint leaving-and-nearly-birthday BBQ celebration at my house on Saturday. Hopefully it will have stopped raining by then.

4 Responses to “Moving soon!”

  1. Osama Says:

    So they don’t realise you’re a terrorist and that you’re plotting to assassinate the president using mutated anthrax and a buttplug?

  2. Edward Says:

    Hope you enjoy your time in the computer industry.
    Just don’t compromise your ethics to sell unsocial software to the public and could you also read your email ( if it’s not fowarded.

    Best of wishes!

  3. Andrei Says:

    So UK citizens require a visa for US?!?!
    I understand that people in eastern Europe play “the lottery” and spend countless hours in front of the US embassy because they are desperate for a decent income and/or believe that US is really a free contry, but why would you humiliate yourself like that from your own will? It really makes no sense to me. (btw, I’m from eastern Europe)

  4. dsd Says:

    If you are working or training, visiting on business, or anything like that then you need a visa. If you are simply visiting as a tourist or something like that, there is a visa waiver programme.

    The application program was extreme but hopefully worthwhile! I have an exciting position and it will be an interesting change of scenery for a year :)

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