ZD1211 support in Linux 2.6.18

Our driver for USB-WLAN devices based on the ZD1211 chip has progressed through the chain of Linux networking development trees and is now included in the mainline kernel, as of 2.6.18-rc1. I have added the accompanying firmware package to Portage as net-wireless/zd1211-firmware.

We are still developing in out-of-tree git repositories, but I am feeding patches to the in-kernel version which will be sent to Linus during the appropriate merge windows.

Ulrich is AWOL at the moment, probably due to post-World-Cup-depression, but I’m getting back towards actual driver development after some surgery on the softmac layer. Hopefully the minor instability issues will be fixed soon.

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  1. zwoch Says:

    wonderful! thanks once again for all your efforts. is there a location to browse the out-of-tree repositores for changes? id love to peek at diffs and looking at the evolving driver. is the low tx rate issue already fixed? what about a transistion to devicescape (its a bit early but i like to hear opinions about the stack – i am just trying to learn and earn knowledge).

  2. dsd Says:


    I’m not sure what you mean by low TX rate, but it is still user-defined (no automatic adjustment). I have no plans to migrate to devicescape at this time (we are working for kernel inclusion, and devicescape is a long distance away from that) but other people have expressed interest in maintaining a forked version which I fully encourage. git will make it very easy for them to do this as well.

  3. zwoch Says:

    ah, ok i knew that url. i thought there would be more commits and therefore this was the repository in question for kernel inclusion and because of that had very conservative commits. i was the opinion i read somewhere that tx performance was poor compared to the original zydas driver and it needed some tweaks. maybe i was wrong here.. never mind.

  4. dsd Says:

    That was RX performance, it needs to be remeasured now that we have multiple RX URBs on the pipe at any one time. The development repo is the one linked to above, commits will selectively be moved into the kernel by hand (for now). Driver development has been slow lately as I’ve been hacking on the softmac layer.

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