into the real world

After the end of this academic year, I am taking a “year in industry” before returning for a final 2 years of study at The University of Manchester.

For the industrial year, I’ve been fortunate enough to find a position with a company building a product based on open-source. The product is not yet released and everything is being kept quiet, so I’ll have to spare the details for now. The company also contributes back to the community, which makes things even better.

The company is based in Boston, MA, and I’ll be moving out there for the duration. I can’t explain how excited I am about the whole thing. The company is nice and small and has a great working atmosphere, and the product will hit the market soon after I start in September.

Hopefully we’ll have published some marketing material at some point, so that people can gape in awe at the amazing technology :)

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  1. Samir M. Nassar Says:

    Cool stuff Daniel, if I make it out to MA or you make it to the midwest, I’ll be happy to buy you a drink.

  2. Zaheer Merali Says:

    Congrats on the job. Hope your move to Boston goes well.

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