Beagle 0.1.2

Beagle 0.1.2 was released on Friday and has just been added to Portage.

Highlights this time around include a fair reduction in memory consumption, various fixes and optimizations, and the ability to search for matches in a certain date range.

We now require Mono 1.1.10, so the issue where the mono-beagled process would hang at random times is gone.

Users of the firefox plugin will should reinstall the plugin, as it has been improved to use vastly fewer resources (we don’t start a new process every time you visit a webpage any more!).

Unfortunately indexing of word-files has been temporarily dropped in the Gentoo package, until gsf-sharp gets added to portage. This will hopefully happen soon.

For more info, see the release notes.

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  1. Jeremy Says:

    This is great news! I was just trying to get all the dependencies compiled, installed and functioning. I should have sync’ed before searching again for beagle. A google of gentoo beagle gave me your page. Google’s great. Thanks!

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