Fuji DPC-R1 is an Alauda!

I have been making some fast progress with the Alauda driver project.

I discovered that the Fuji DPC-R1 is also an Alauda device, so my driver should result in this device being supported by Linux, as well as the Olympus MAUSB-10 which I have in my posession.

I’ve gone over several logs of sniffed data and documented what I think it’s doing on the new sourceforge project page: control commands and bulk commands.

The first thing I want to achieve is the reading of my XD media cards. The Alauda only provides raw access to the media, so I basically have to interpret XD in software. This is made difficult because XD is closed-spec and it doesn’t look like anybody has done it in software before (well, not open-source!), but fortunately it is similar to SmartMedia (the SDDR09 Linux driver handles “raw SM” in software, and this is proving useful to look at). I’ve published what I think might be something vaguely like the XD Media specification.

Once I’ve figured out a few more details about XD media, I should be able to get reading working relatively easily. I’ve got the driver foundations in place already.

I’m hoping that I’ll hear from some other MAUSB-10/DPC-R1 users soon to get additional testing when I actually have some code which does something useful.

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  1. Brooks Says:

    I have a MAUSB-10 and would like to be able to use it in LInux. If you still need someone to test I may be interested.

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