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In this week’s Gentoo newsletter we included a request for feedback on possibly stopping development of gentoo-sources-2.4 and removing it from the tree.

John M has already written about the new plan of action in response to this feedback, but as we have recieved a fair quantity of interesting feedback, I thought it might be worth sharing some of it.

Most of the mails are from people who apparently misread the article, thinking that we are dropping Linux 2.4 completely. People were very keen to remind us of certain software and hardware which doesn’t work on 2.6.

One user thought he was doomed to 2.4 simply because his hardware is unsupported in any kernel, however Promise do provide 2.4-only drivers on their websites. Fortunately, all that is needed is a small patch to get this working on recent 2.6 kernels, so Linux should support Promise TX4200 SATA controllers very soon.

Some users reported that they are stuck to 2.4 because of their wireless cards – support is not available in 2.6, and the vendors insist on producing drivers for 2.4 only.

We suspect that the other alien hardware incompatibilities that were reported to us are already supported in 2.6, but we have yet to recieve the information to confirm this.

A few users reminded us that our OpenAFS ebuilds are so outdated that they don’t run on 2.6 at all. Fortunately, Seemant assures us that he’s been fuelling his production line and a new OpenAFS package maintainer should be ready for public consumption sometime soon.

We recieved a couple of more interesting mails, for example this guy, who ‘gets’ how Gentoo works:

I migrated our desktops and servers from 2.4 to 2.6 a number of months ago, so I encourage discontinuation of 2.4. The more people on 2.6 the easier it will be to maintain.

Notice in the above email he referred to “our desktops“. Many of the emails were written in this tone – from a corporate environment. People saying “we use”, “we migrated”, “…a big concern for us”, etc. Doesn’t anyone use Gentoo just because its fun anymore? :)

Another user pointed out that Gentoo rocks because it’s very easy to still be using a 2.4 kernel without also having to run packages that are a year out of date.

Thats about all so far. Thanks for all the feedback, we’ll probably get something in next weeks newsletter to conclude.

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  1. Dennis Hedegaard Says:

    [quote]Doesn’t anyone use Gentoo just because its fun anymore? :)[/quote]

    I shure do, i use the gentoo-sources kernel (atm 2.6.12-r6) and haven’t been using 2.4 kernels since 2.6.3 arrived. I think 2.4 kernels should have been removed long ago but i read somewhere that gentoo was about choice, and what choice do people have if only one the 2.6 kernels are avaiable in portage, i shurely hope that at least the vanilla 2.4 source tree remains, i see no use of patchsets for the 2.4 kernel anymore.

    Btw, sorry for any spelling mistakes :)

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