Linux 2.6.11

Linux 2.6.11 was released today. Seems like another high quality release incremental from the last one. Many people seem interested in “whats new in this release” and I rarely see any short summaries, so here’s mine:
(I’ve probably missed some important things, this is just what I have observed)

  • Support for SysKonnect Gigabit Ethernet
  • Lots more SATA device support
  • Support for more Promise ATA controllers
  • libata (the SATA driver set) now supports ATAPI (CD/DVD) devices out-of-the-box
  • Support for various components of Intel’s new ICH7 chipset
  • Big direct rendering rework (splitting core from personality)
  • Updated Usermode Linux support – hopefully no more external patches necessary
  • 4 level page tables – memory management improvements
  • Optimization for pipes
  • Kernel userspace events (kevent) – something I need to investigate more, but it allows the kernel to communicate with userspace better
  • Many other fixes, new features, and enhancements (full changelog). If you are having any trouble with your current kernel or have hardware which is unsupported, you should definately upgrade before filing bugs

gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.11 is in portage and any early testing would be appreciated. We are considering using this kernel to power our 2005.0 LiveCD’s, and assuming there are no major bugs early on, our only showstopper is Speakup – it seems that the large amount of changes since 2.6.10 have stopped this patch from applying, compiling, or functionally working. Fortunately one of the main developers, Kirk Reiser, is very responsive and is already on the case :)

Speaking of software releases, Beagle 0.0.7 came out yesterday. As you can see in the release announcement, I’ve been fairly successful at learning C#/Mono and contributing to the software. The core developers have been very helpful and have even granted me access to commit to the GNOME CVS repository, where the beagle sources are managed!
I have more Beagle contributions planned but uni and other work is eating all of my time right now :(

And a quick update on the Planet Gentoo situation. Ramereth says he is almost ready to set it up on the Gentoo infrastructure, hopefully we will get most of the way there tomorrow. Thanks Lance!

5 Responses to “Linux 2.6.11”

  1. Sebastian Bergmann Says:

    Linux 2.6.11 is not comptible with the current nvidia-kernel packages. We have a patch for 6629 in portage (see #77994) but that version does not work for me and I am stuck with 6111.

    Could the aforementioned patch be backported to nvidia-kernel 6111?


  2. dsd Says:

    Looks like a bit of an evil patch. Have you tried contacting the guy who wrote it?

  3. PZoned Says:

    use the unstable nvidia drivers.. they work great.

  4. Avieth Says:

    Nvidia-kernel better work with 2.6.11 soon.

  5. --M-- Says:

    SATA Atapi support? Where is that configured?

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