Gentoo UK 2006

Following on from the last 2 years, we’re hosting another Gentoo UK users-and-developers conference this year.

For the last 2 years, we have held the event in the north of England. This year, we decided to try in the south, in a more accessible location: Central London. The event will take place on Saturday July 8th.

The event will be composed of a series of sessions and presentations by Gentoo developers, and one or two by external speakers. Anyone interested in Gentoo is welcome to attend, just let us know you are coming by pre-registering (no cost). There will be plenty of time for socialising with other users and developers before and after the conference. More information is available from the event website.

It’s very encouraging to see interest from developers from other parts of Europe at such short notice. Danny van Dyk, Bryan Østergaard, and Tobias Scherbaum will be flying over for the event, and hopefully a few others will follow (contact me if you are interested). I have made a list of attending developers which is growing all the time.

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