net-setup enhancements

Users experienced with Gentoo’s console install method may be familiar with net-setup, a simple ncurses/dialog utility to configure network interfaces. It can also be used on a live system (found in the app-misc/livecd-tools package).

One source of confusion during installation is the naming of network interfaces – this is sometimes different from the naming on a live system (eth0 swaps with eth1, etc).

I added two additional dialogs to the net-setup wizard which attempt to make it clear to the user exactly which interface is which. The data mostly comes from sysfs. Here are some screenshots:

This will be available in the next livecd-tools release.

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  1. Ira Snyder Says:

    Very nice. I’ve never used net-setup, but this looks like a great enhancement.

  2. spaetz Says:

    I wonder if it is really necessary to show both dialogs as mandatory. I feel a lot of confusion coming up for not so computer-literate users when looking at the interface details dialog. If you hardly know the difference between WLAN and LAN, the MAC address of a card won’t be so useful to you.

    Would it be possible to show this only when clicking on a button or somthing?
    (Wording is bad, but you get the point.

  3. dsd Says:

    Only the second is mandatory, the first is bypassed if the user specified an interface on the command line. I agree that not everyone will understand all of the information, but that applies to net-setup (whats a subnet mask?) and Gentoo installation as a whole.

    Remember that most users don’t even need to run this, as DHCP networks are autoconfigured.

  4. pir187 Says:

    This is a good enhancement, really usefull. Makes the whole process more polished. I’ve had trouble setting up my nics because they were swapped right after the first reboot. Great stuff man!

    Thanks, pir187

  5. Domon Says:

    Thanks a million.

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