Problems with GConf#

Beginning to wonder if GConf for the configuration system was such a good choice after all. I’m getting slightly random Segfaults (yes, segmentation faults from a mono application, I thought it was odd too..).

Everything has been going according to plan until I start adding live update notification, so that beagled can immediately realise when a config option has been changed. Then (most of the time), when I change the configuration, I get segfaults before control is passed back to beagled. I’ve been advised that this might be a threading issue – I can’t get my head around why this might be the case, but then again, I can’t reproduce it in a simple test app.. Hmm…

On another note, I managed to sort out a problem with the timing of one of my exams which means I can now make GUADEC – I’ve got my flight booked :)

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  1. lemming Says:

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