Extended Attribute Mono bindings

After seeing it requested, I recently ported some of the Beagle code for manipulating extended attributes on files into the core Mono library base. It’s been added in the Mono.Unix.Syscall class, which is set to replace Mono.Posix.Syscall once Mono 1.2 is released and widespread.

This is my first contribution to Mono, with thanks to Jon Pryor (Mono.Unix maintainer) who pointed out that my first attempt at this was incorrect, and kindly went out of his way to describe the possible solutions in depth. Now to write some usage documentation…

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  1. pharon Says:

    Hi it’s me again.

    I saw this blog and couldn’t help remembering a chat I had on #dashboard with some beagle developers.

    Now before I mention the “r” word, I want to say I am aware of all the shortcoming of it, and I am aware it is experimental.
    It’s “reiser4″. /me ducks

    I was thinking with an abstraction like this one, would it be possible to make some glue to the reiser4 xattr API ( the one using plugins ) ? Beagle doesn’t need to know about the underlying filesystem anyway.

    This is just a shot in the dark, it might be rediculous, silly, useless, undoble, too early etc..

  2. dsd Says:

    We’ll include reiser4 support if someone writes the code. I’m certain that its possible, at least I hope the reiser4 developers haven’t deviated too much off the existing system, but none of us use reiser4 or know how it works.

    Edit: To clarify, I’m referring to beagle. I have no idea whether Mono.Unix would accept bindings for reiser4 feature at this stage.

  3. scristian Says:

    I am written a mono application, how can I get uid for the user ?
    Mono.Unix.Syscall is working on windows?, or how can I find out if the user is the administrator ?

    In linux is easy, but I want my application to be crossplatform.

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  5. Moises Says:

    in Linux I use another library. With libattr-devel you can access reiserfs extended attribute support. It’s different to xattr. I’m writing a binding to do this.

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