Monthly Archives: May 2012

OLPC weekly update 18/05

This week I’ve been working on OLPC’s upcoming 12.1.0 software release:

OLPC weekly update 04/05

A number of difficult problems this week, but some progress was made.

  • Helped diagnosis of an audio codec driver problem with our the XO-1.75 kernel upgrade.
  • Attempted diagnosis of a Fedora 17 ARM build problem with the llvm package, which was blocking a lot of things. We have a workaround now.
  • Investigated the challenges around getting Flash and Java working on a GTK+-3 WebKit.
  • Found a workaround to fix gcc crashyness on the XO-1.75, reported to Marvell.
  • Diagnosed a WebKit crash on ARM, related to the javascript engine.