Monthly Archives: October 2011

OLPC weekly update 14/10

  • Two 11.3.0 release candidates: build and testing.
  • More progress around XO-1.5 input issues with synaptics driver and suspend/resume behaviour.
  • Fixed mmap access to the XO-1.75 audio device, solving a handful of user-visible audio problems, and continued looking at problems in this area.
  • Diagnosed a XO-1 audio regression for secured laptops.
  • Coordinated the solution for the loss of serial console kernel messages in secure mode on XO-1.75.
  • A couple of small fixes to the forward-looking Fedora 16+ platform for XO
  • Continued assistance with the Fedora 15 ARM efforts, which has now kicked off the next stage of the mass rebuild efforts.

OLPC weekly update 07/10