Monthly Archives: September 2011

OLPC weekly update 23/09

  • Fixed an issue where XO-1.75 usb ports were unusable after device unplug
  • Measured the overhead of the XO-1 filesystem switch to ubifs as 50mb
  • Fixed the final known issue with mmc runtime power management for the XO-1.5 wireless card
  • Finished off a few parts of Sugar’s hippocanvas removal project and posted patches (mostly thanks to Raul and Walter)
  • Helped diagnose a Sugar collaboration issue
  • Further explored enabling vendor-specific mouse drivers for our AVC and synaptics touchpads.
  • 11.3.0 build 6 release and testing.
  • Performed some upstream work on the libertas wireless driver.

OLPC weekly update 16/09

Recent items that I’ve been working on:

  • 11.3.0 release management work, including bringing XO-1.75/ARM builds into the stream. XO-1.75 is now pretty much on-par with the other laptop models from the distro standpoint.
  • powerd will no longer suspend while the system is establishing a wireless connection.
  • Fixed a bug with mtd device handling on XO-1 as a step towards solving ubifs mount issues.
  • Ported Sugar to NetworkManager-0.9 for compatibility with recent distributions.
  • Worked with Raul and Simon at Sugarcamp Paris to progress on removing hippocanvas from sugar. This is one of the prerequisites for the GTK3 move.

OLPC weekly update 02/09

Back in action after finishing some study commitments!

Over the last week or so I’ve been focusing on bringing in the XO-1.75 software work into the standard release 11.3.0 development stream. We aren’t quite there yet, but it might be completed this weekend. This has included contributions to the Fedora 14 ARM port, updating OLPC components to find the device tree in the correct location, some infrastructure work, and some OpenFirmware fixing for loading initramfs on ARM.

Next weekend I’ll be at SugarCamp Paris.