Monthly Archives: June 2008

Summer at OLPC

Last week, I took my final exam for my BSc Computer Science degree at The University of Manchester, results pending. I was originally planning to graduate with a masters degree a year from now, but because of some political brain-damage at university, I ended up switching to the shorter degree so that I can take up a great opportunity this summer:

Today was my first day of a 14 week internship at One Laptop per Child, an exciting company producing cool laptops to distribute to children in developing nations with the aim of improving education. I’m going to be working on aspects of the XO software, starting by helping the efforts to upgrade to Fedora 9 for the v8.2.0 August release.

OLPC is based in Cambridge, MA, USA, and this is my 2nd time in this area. I’m living in Brookline until September, and then will need to find somewhere else to live for a month.

My plans for after the summer are uncertain. I’m thinking about hunting for some work in Europe somewhere, I might write more about that nearer the time.

PCI development project

I’m looking to find someone to take over some part-time contract work that I’ve been doing. I’m only stopping as I am about to start some full-time summer work.

The project is Linux driver development for a PCI frame grabber. Kernel experience is essential, and the important areas of knowledge are PCI and DMA. Location does not matter, this is a remote development project.

If you’re interested, or know anyone that might be, please drop me an email.