Monthly Archives: April 2008


The Pav√£o Quartet have released their fourth album today, “Dreaming.” The lead violinist, Kerenza, is a relative of mine.

Dreaming is similar to their 2006 debut album Someone to watch over me – a mix of well-known songs with some classical tracks too, all uniquely arranged for the quartet.

Buy it from HMV or Amazon.

Track list

  1. Grieg’s Nocturne
  2. Moon River
  3. Dream a Little Dream
  4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  5. When You Wish Upon a Star
  6. Schumann’s Traumerei
  7. Gershwin’s Lullaby
  8. Elgar’s Lullaby
  9. Moonlight Sonata
  10. Forgotten Dreams
  11. Fly Me To the Moon
  12. Clair de Lune
  13. New World Symphony

GL860: more devices, colour images

Lorin Olivier also has a GL860 with a different USB ID (05e3:f191) in an Asus F5RL laptop. He had some success with my code but the images look to be in a different format when running my software. He’s contributed traffic logs from windows which I’ve put alongside mine in the git repository.

Simon (Sur3) also tried it with his 05e3:0503 device and got a seemingly different image format as well. He also took an image that came back from mine and decoded the Bayer colour space, so I can now get images back in colour!

It’s great to see other people getting involved in these efforts, as I will probably not be able to put much time towards this for a while.