Monthly Archives: July 2007

New hardware support in the Gentoo kernel

Just a quick reminder regarding the gentoo-sources patching policy:

If you have some new hardware which is currently not supported by gentoo-sources, but you know of drivers or patches in the upstream development kernel to support such hardware, you are encouraged to file a bug and we will consider backporting the patch to the current release kernels.

An ideal bug report would look something like:

I recently purchased a Fritzomatic E2 which is not supported by the current gentoo-sources (tested both stable and testing). However, the upstream 2.6.23-rc kernel tree does contain a patch to support this hardware. I applied this patch to 2.6.22 and it works great. Here’s a link to the patch: http://foo. Please consider for upcoming gentoo-sources releases.

Even if you aren’t able to initially go into such detail, you should file a bug anyway.

While we won’t proactively go out adding new hardware support to kernels, if such patches are requested and tested by Gentoo users, we’ll add them provided that they don’t show immediate risk of increased maintenance burden.