Monthly Archives: November 2006

Misc updates

  • I hope to continue my investigation into the fingerprinting legal issues within the next few days. This is currently on hold while I’m waiting for information from a few people.
  • With help from Matthieu Castet and Johannes Berg, I’ve been reverse engineering the firmware for the ZD1211 wireless devices. We understand approximately 85% of the instruction set. Assuming we can figure out the remaining details, we’ll be able to write an open source firmware at some point in the near future. My assembler, disassembler and notes can be found in a git tree (gitweb, clone URL).
  • I’ve moved touchcal to sourceforge and taken over maintenance. I fixed it up to work better with EloGraphics screens, but do not have any immediate plans to develop it further. Contributors/contributions are welcome.
  • Anyone affected by the recent VIA IRQ quirk problems in recent Linux kernels should try Alan Cox’s fix against 2.6.19-rc. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then ignore this.
  • USA is great, thanks for asking! I’m especially looking forward to my first ever thanksgiving :)
  • Last week I saw the Boston Bruins battle it out with the Buffalo Sabres. Thanks to a company sponsor we had seats in a members-only premium suite. The atmosphere was great, Boston were 4-1 up but unfortunately the Sabres came back late in the game and won 5-4 in the shootout.