More fprint releases

The fprint project has kicked off to a good start. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback so far. Any extra help spreading the word is much appreciated!

Immediately after the initial release, Vasily Khoruzhick contributed a fix for my aes2501 driver, as his is mounted in his laptop 180 degrees rotated, it’s upside down (actually I’m not sure which way round mine is supposed to go, but thanks to Vasily it now works either way). I also modified the aes2501 driver to perform fewer USB transactions, resulting in much improved image quality and overall scanning experience.

Jan-Michael Brummer contributed a driver for the UPEK TouchChip fingerprint sensor (USB ID 0483:2015) found in the Samsung P35 laptop. Jan-Michael indicates that the image processing performance is good but not brilliant.

libfprint v0.0.2 has been released with the above changes and a few others.

I also have been working on a simple demonstration GUI which may also help development in future. It’s called fprint_demo. Here’s a screenshot:

fprint_demo v0.1

Gentoo ebuilds for all released fprint components can be found here.

2 Responses to “More fprint releases”

  1. vierito5 Says:

    Great work!! Best luck ;)

    Works fine with the fingerprint reader in my HP nc6400

  2. ark4 Says:

    Works great in a P105-S9339, but don’t show fingerprint image.
    Say “Non-imaging device” could you tell me how to add that funcionality ? :D

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