fprint project releases

Things are still busy with my new project. Here are a few more fprint releases which add some crucial features:

  1. libfprint v0.0.3 adds support for the Authentec AES1610 found in various common laptops/tablets, contributed by Anthony Bretaudeau. These fingerprint readers only see a small area of the finger so imaging performance isn’t great, but it is usable!
  2. pam_fprint v0.2 adds an enrollment application contributed by Vasily Khoruzhick, and has been fixed not to activate itself for logins over SSH.
  3. fprint_demo v0.2 and v0.3 add various bits of functionality: enrollment GUI, image saving functionality, plus the ability to count and plot detected minutiae points.

fprint_demo v0.3 showing minutiae plotted on scan image

3 Responses to “fprint project releases”

  1. nightmorph Says:

    Sweet. CSI meets Linux!

    How far along is the project? i.e. could it be put into Portage (at any point)?

  2. Daniel Drake Says:

    I may add fprint_demo and libfprint soon. I am not so sure about adding fprint_pam because the libfprint API is not guaranteed to be stable and I don’t want to break login for people. Breaking fprint_demo is not such a big deal.

  3. Björn Michaelsen Says:

    Whose fingerprint did you just publish?

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