Linux 2.6.12

Since there’s the usual chorus of “whats new?” I thought it might be worth posting some things which I’ve observed since 2.6.11:

  • My driver is finally included!
  • Intel HD audio driver
  • ALSA now uses dmix (software mixing) by default even if you have not configured it
  • ALPS touchpad (included on many laptops) driver rework
  • Multipath device mapper
  • Improved SATA support
  • The firewire subsystem finally saw some action
  • Plenty of new hardware support, lots of things that I missed
  • Lots of bug fixes and internal improvements

The first gentoo-sources-2.6.12 release has been added to the tree and features the new inotify (0.23-13) as well as the new fbsplash (0.9.2-r3). Since we moved our patches into Gentoo’s shiny new Subversion server the website generation is broken but this will be updated soon. Also note that your custom udev rules might be broken until you upgrade to udev-058.

8 Responses to “Linux 2.6.12”

  1. Chewi Says:

    “ALSA now uses dmix (software mixing) by default even if you have not configured it.”

    This is brilliant. Not really an issue on my own machine but mixing problems have driven me nuts on other machines!

  2. Ivan Yosifov Says:

    “ALSA now uses dmix (software mixing) by default even if you have not configured it.�
    Where does one find more information about this ? I did not see anything in ALSA changelog. Maybe I missed it.

  3. dsd Says:

    You’ll probably find it in the alsa-lib Changelog as that is where the change was made. But there have also been improvements to the in-kernel dmix code.

  4. Mo6eB Says:

    The ALSA thing is not really new. It’s been around ever since 1.0.9-rc1 (though I suspect it’s improved by now). Can’t wait to see software mixing support for oss apps that mmap the device (doom3 for instance).

  5. dsd Says:

    2.6.12 is the first stable kernel which includes ALSA 1.0.9

  6. Seemant Kulleen Says:

    One of the new pieces of hardware that’s found support in the mainline kernel (has had for a couple of months support in the mm series), is the elo serial touchscreen driver. I can’t test till Thursday, unfortunately, but I’m *really* looking forward to that.

    Daniel, congrats on getting your driver in the kernel! You rock.

  7. brix Says:

    Hey! You totally forgot to mention that a bunch of patches for improving support for the Soekris net4801 (including one patch by me) was also merged in 2.6.12 :)

  8. Frodg Says:

    Hey Daniel,
    Your hard work on getting the USBAT patch up & running is brilliant.
    Worked first time. (as usual)

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