Settling in, started work

The US move has worked out rather well. I’m set up with a bank account, cell phone, basic room furnishings, etc. The various Americanisms I complained about last time are slowly becoming easier to accept.

I’ve managed to keep myself mostly occupied. After helping Seemant move house, I met up with Steve B at the end of last week. Steve is a friend from university and was visiting Boston after working all summer in New York. Then at the weekend, Dave took me down to Connecticut for a barbeque with some of his friends and family, which was fun.

I started work on Tuesday. It’s an exciting atmosphere to work in, as the product release isn’t too far off. The technology is even more amazing than I remember it, and everyone has been very welcoming. The office is calm, open, and spacious. It’s going to a busy year, taking over many of Seemant’s roles as well as with plenty of other interesting problems to solve.

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