Me in los diarios

The OLPC Paraguay project gets a lot of media attention here, especially in this important time. Word spread that an Englishman is in town, which has resulted in newspaper publicity:

First, an interview in La Nacion: Paraguay se convierte en foco regional del proyecto OLPC (Paraguay becomes the regional focus of the OLPC project). I’m not too proud of this one, there are numerous inaccuracies and I’m given far too much credit.

Secondly, two very good articles in the highly-popular ABC newspaper:

In print form, both of the ABC articles appeared on 1 page in the main section of the newspaper, occupying the whole page. And it was published on a Sunday, which is a day when seemingly everyone in Paraguay reads this newspaper. In addition to receiving emails from other parts of the country, various friends-of-friends have been in contact after seeing it, and seemingly everyone I visit now also knows about it!

7 thoughts on “Me in los diarios

  1. sebasmagri

    Congratulations for the work you’re doing in paraguay, it’s very valuable! I wish more people follow your example in the near future… The education is a guarantee, if you give food to someone you make him happy for a while, If you teach him how to get the food, you make him happy forever…
    Kudos for you! Up OLPC ( and Up Gentoo! :-) )
    My best Regards…

  2. Jan Nordgreen

    Hi Daniel,

    Anything we can do to help?

    My wife, who is Bolivian, and I are both programmers and teachers of ICT. I also teach math and have done so for more than 20 years.

    We have travelled though Paraguay by bus, from Brazil to Bolivia and would like to help in any way possible.


    Jan Nordgreen

    Ban Chang

  3. Jennifer Martino

    Ahahaha. I love this page. Especially the article about you crossing oceans to give children laptops. Epic.

  4. Jennifer Martino

    (No sarcasm intended – I’ve had the pleasure to work with Daniel and he’s one of the best guys I know!)

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