In-kernel ALSA support in Gentoo

levlen canada over the counter I think some people might have misunderstood Diego’s post about ALSA support in Gentoo.

online order antabuse cheap alternatives To clarify, we (as in Gentoo kernel maintainers) discount myambutol generic online canada do support in-kernel ALSA drivers, but Diego (who maintains the out-of-kernel alsa-driver package) does not. I recommend using the in-kernel drivers, Diego recommends using the out-of-kernel drivers.

cheap cialis soft 180 tablets canada internet If you do have problems with the in-kernel version, please do file bugs, but make sure they get assigned to rather than Diego.

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2 Responses to “In-kernel ALSA support in Gentoo”

  1. nightmorph Says:

    I agree; in-kernel ALSA is the way to go.

  2. Giving up ALSA? Says:

    [...] Well, after my post about the problems I encounter maintaining ALSA, and dsd’s reply, I’m seriously considering stopping maintaining ALSA. [...]

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