In-kernel ALSA support in Gentoo

I think some people might have misunderstood Diego’s post about ALSA support in Gentoo.

To clarify, we (as in Gentoo kernel maintainers) do support in-kernel ALSA drivers, but Diego (who maintains the out-of-kernel alsa-driver package) does not. I recommend using the in-kernel drivers, Diego recommends using the out-of-kernel drivers.

If you do have problems with the in-kernel version, please do file bugs, but make sure they get assigned to rather than Diego.

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  1. nightmorph Says:

    I agree; in-kernel ALSA is the way to go.

  2. Giving up ALSA? Says:

    [...] Well, after my post about the problems I encounter maintaining ALSA, and dsd’s reply, I’m seriously considering stopping maintaining ALSA. [...]

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