Planet Gentoo update

I recently wrote about some recent thoughts regarding Planet Gentoo. It’s time for a followup.

Planet vs Universe

I figure from the response that there is still a strong demand for the Planet in principle alone, that is, purely “on-topic” articles.

While this is fair enough, and Planet probably isn’t going anywhere, I’d like to suggest that some Planet readers read Gentoo Universe for 1 week. There isn’t really a great amount of difference, and the universe actually picks up some interesting content which doesn’t appear on Planet due to the feed flaws I described in my previous article. After this week has elapsed, provide some feedback – did it drive you to insanity? Will you be changing back to reading Planet rather than Universe?

New Planet co-maintainer

I’m extremely grateful for the strong response I got from my last post, where I asked for volunteers to help Planet/Universe administration. I got a lot of responses from existing developers, but a certain non-developer candidate was particularly impressive, so I chose to bring him onboard.

Steve Dibb (beandog) is the new co-maintainer. Steve is heavily involved with Gentoo and Linux in his local area, and contributes some good quality articles to the unofficial Gentoo Wiki. Hopefully we’ll be able to get him involved with Gentoo’s official documentation project at some point in the future.

From now on, developers should email with Planet/Universe requests, rather than myself directly.

Software update

The old nightly snapshot on was actually over 1 year out of date. Oops.

I upgraded us to the latest version, which appears to have improved the situation regarding republishing of old content.

I’ll be upgrading our Gentoo-hosted weblogs b2evolution install to version 0.9.2 soon after it comes out (and if Flameeyes tells you some nonsense about me taking months and months to do this, just ignore him!). This will help with the antispam stuff.

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  1. Flameeyes Says:

    Well maybe 0.9.2 will be out soon, but you’re actually promising that to me month after month ;)

    Just joking dsd, you know :)
    At the end you’re always our lovely drunken brit…

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