Amusing misinterpretation

The following email landed in my inbox. Apparently someone wants to buy my Alauda driver?

We are writing you inrespect of your Alauda driver
advertised for sale..
Kindly get back to me with details on its present general working
A recent photograph of the a vendre Alauda driver
attached and sent to me will be okay..
Await your soonest response..

A photograph? The only thing I can think of is that they have misinterpreted my work. Alauda is actually a type of skylark – do they think they are buying some kind of bird-catching device?

Suggestions for items to photograph and send in response are welcome..!

4 Responses to “Amusing misinterpretation”

  1. D.J. Capelis Says:

    Perhaps they meant to say snapshot?

    The e-mail didn’t look like it was written by someone who had a very firm grasp on english….

  2. Joel Majka Says:

    Maybe a spam fishing for valid emails? It found your email on a page with “Alauda driver” and asked a seemingly innocent question to motivate a response?

  3. dsd Says:

    Hmm, yes, I guess that is likely. However the headers do suggest it has been sent through Yahoo’s web interface, and it does come with the usual Yahoo advertising footer, so I’m not so sure…

  4. Carl-Christian Salvesen Says:

    My guess is that this is the classic online-bidding-scam. They bid on cars, boats and other expensive stuff, and then use fake escrow-services to ripp you off.

    He probably thought he bid on a car … Send him a picture of your harddrive ;-)


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