dpfp 0.1

A bit later than anticipated, I have created initial releases for the dpfp project, a driver for DigitalPersona and Microsoft USB fingerprint readers.

My last attempt at the driver/library thing failed – I learned more about the device, and decided I should take a few steps back and work with a different design.

So far, the rewrite is working out, so I’m releasing an early version for people to try. The driver provides a simple character device interface, and the library provides a nice API to that interface. libdpfp includes an example program which you can use to scan your fingerprint to a PGM file.

This isn’t for general usage yet. There are basic instructions in the README file in the dpfp-driver distribution.

If you have questions, please don’t ask them in comments on my weblog, use the mailing list instead. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “dpfp 0.1”

  1. revellion Says:

    I’m…. overwhelmed it worked great!.

    btw to compile the C-source for the example use
    : cc -ldpfp capture_finger.c -o capture_finger
    NOTE: remember to build and install libdpfp first :)

    My great thanks for this nice driver and library. gonna see if i can make use of this for a possible PAM Plugin with a tracing library.

  2. dsd Says:

    To compile the examples, simply run “make” in the examples directory. libdpfp doesn’t even need to be installed (but does need to be compiled, run make in the parent directory first).

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